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Dawn's Tack Box

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Dawn's Tack Box

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cameo fly rug

Cameo Fly Rug
ully adjustable elasticated velcro neck straps plus adjustable elasticated belly flaps.Features freedom pleats at shoulder,tail flap plus removable leg straps.Anti rub lining on main,tail and shoulder.


Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo
The Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo is brand new to the Mark Todd collection. This rug is a multipurpose lightweight sheet which protects against the sun and biting insects, as well as keeping your horse cool.
Cotton open weave mesh outer to allow air circulation
UV protection
Protection from biting insects
Nylon shoulder protection
Gusseted tail flap
Two front buckles with hook and loop fastening
Belly flap with three hook and loop fastening strips
3 Neck tabs
Adjustable leg straps



Loveson No Neck Fleece
Ideal for Summer  Stabling or Travelling for All  Horses / Ponies or Winter Stabling  for Hardier Horses / Ponies.

jhl fleece combo

JHL Full Neck Fleece Rug
A smart fleece rug. The excellent wicking properties of fleece draws moisture away to the outside of the rug where it evaporates off, keeping the horse warm and comfortable. Ideal for travelling, at shows and after bathing or exercise.
Available in navy


Loveson Summer Sheet
A heavy duty cotton sheet for use on its own or as a base layer Features: Breathable, Cross surcingles, removable leg straps, buckle front.


JHL No Neck Waffle
The Jumpers Horse Line Waffle-Weave Rug is a versatile rug that can be used as a cooler, travel or under rug. Made from 100% acrylic, this JHL rug has two webbing chest straps with buckles and low bias cross over surcingles. Also featuring a full shoulder gusset, fleece wither protection and filet string.


Loveson No Fill Turnout
No Neck - £39.99
Combo - £44.00
The basic essentials start with the Allpro Turnout. Durable and waterproof, it provides all that is needed from an outdoor rug. 600 Denier rip-stop nylon cotton, no fill, waterproof & breathable, cross surcingles, leg straps, buckle and clip front fastening and hook and loop fastener front panel.

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Equidor No Fill Turnout Rugs
Full Neck Combo Coloardo Brown/Tan- £39.95
No Neck Georgia Green/Black - £38.00
Detachable Neck Arizona Burberry Check - £39.95

This 600 denier rug with Teflon coating is stong and sturdy for those horses who need a slightly more hard wearing rug. It features a large tail flap, adjustable lef straps, twin breast neck and buckle fastenings and shoulder gussets. With a nylon lining these rugs are perfect for the mild, but wet weather

shires highlander horse print

Shires Highlander Lite No Neck Turnout Horse Print
Ideal for mild wet weather, the highlander rugs are cut deep and feature a lightweight but durable outer to withstand field wear deep shoulder gussets, clip chest straps and large tail flap


JHL Lightweight Plus No Neck 80G
The JHL Lightweight Plus Turnout Neck Cover has been designed to fit and match the JHL Lightweight Plus Turnout Rug (with a light 80g filling). This allows great flexibility in changing weather and will help keep the neck clean. Attaches by the D Rings on the rug. The neck cover is breathable and waterproof and has a tough 600 denier rip stop polyester outer.
Neck available at £35.00


Equidor Amazon Combo 100G
600 Denier. Teflon Coated. Nylon Lining. Large Tail Flap. Adjustable Leg Straps, Shoulder Gussets, Twin Buckle Neck Fastenings, 100g Quilted Filling, Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles, Fixed  Neck.

sheep turnout

Shires Tempest Lightweight Turnout Sheep
This is a lightweight rug which is great for wet days . 600 denier outer


Equidor Montanna Combo 200G
600 Denier. Teflon Coated. Nylon Lining. Large Tail Flap. Adjustable Leg Straps. Shoulder Gussets Twin Breast Buckle Fastenings. Twin Velcro Neck Fastenings. 220G Quilted Filling. Fixed Neck. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles.


Equidor Houston No Neck 200G
600 Denier. Teflon Coated. Nylon Lining. Large Tail Flap. Adjustable Leg Straps. Shoulder Gussets Twin Breast Buckle Fastenings. Twin Velcro Neck Fastenings. 220G Quilted Filling. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles.

Shires Highlander No Neck 300G
Neck available for £26.99

Turned out horses will love the 300g warm fill of this heavyweight Tempest Original rug. Key features include a ripstop 600 denier waterproof, breathable ShireTex¨ outer, taped seams, 300g quilted polyfill, deep shoulder gussets, fully lined, twin buckle breast fastenings, adjustable cross surcingles, adjustable fillet strap, integrated leg strap loops and a tail flap. Machine washable with non-detergent soap.


Shires Highlander Combo 350G
Hardwearing comfort can be assured even in deep winter with this heavyweight Highlander Plus combo. The rug benefits from a 1200 denier ripstop, waterproof and breathable ShireTex¨ outer, 350g quilted polyfill, deep shoulder gussets and a multitude of additional features to offer the ultimate in hardwearing comfort. Key features include integrated neck cover, taped seams, fully lined, quick clip adjustable breast fastenings, adjustable cross surcingles and leg straps, large pleated tail flap and reflective strips..

Custom400 (1)

Equidor 350G Turnout
Full Neck Montanna - £49.95
No Neck Odessey - £42.95
Detachable Neck Viper - £54.95

1200 Denier. Teflon Coated. Nylon Lining. Large Tail Flap. Adjustable Leg Straps. Shoulder Gussets. Twin Neck Buckle Fastenings
350g Quilted Filling. Waterproof. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles with Rubber Slots. Twin Breast Buckle Fastenings.


Equidor Glacier Combo 500G

This super warm turnout rug has all the extras to ensure your horse stays warm and dry on those colder wetter days. Features include;

  • Super Tough 1680 Denier 
  • Teflon Coated
  • Nylon Lining
  • Reflective Piping
  • Extra Large Tail Flap
  • Adjustable Leg Straps
  • Shoulder Gussets
  • Twin Touch Close Velcro Neck Fastenings
  • 500g Super Warm Quilted Filling
  • Waterproof
  • Large Belly Flap with 3 Adjustable Surcingles
  • Velcro and Twin Breast Buckle Adjustable Clip Fastenings for Ease
  • Fixed Neck
  • Spare Leg Straps
  • Spare Surcingles.

Equidor Aurora Combo 200G
420 Denier. Nylon Lining. Adjustable Leg Straps. Twin Buckle Neck Fastenings. 200g Quilted Filling. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles. win Breast Buckle Fastenings. Fixed Neck.


Equidor Aurora Combo 200G

420 Denier. Nylon Lining. Adjustable Leg Straps. 200g Quilted Filling. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles. Twin Breast Buckle Fastenings

Custom400 (2)

Equidor Forrestor Combo 300G

1200 Denier. Nylon Lining. Adjustable Leg Straps. 300g Quilted Filling. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles. Twin¬ Breast¬ and Neck Buckle Fastenings. Shoulder Gussets. Fixed Necks

Loveson Under Rug 200G
Combo - £38.50
Standard Neck - £36.50

deal for layering on chilly nights. With a cotton outer, polycotton lining, double front fastening, cross surcingles and attached neck cover.s

Custom400 (3)

Equidor Encore No Neck 300G

1200 Denier. Nylon Lining. Adjustable Leg Straps. 300g Quilted Filling. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles. Twin Breast Buckle Fastenings. Shoulder Gussets. Soft Wither Pad.

Shires Combo 400G

For the coldest nights, this stable combo features a cosy 400g quilted fill for the ultimate in winter warmth. A 210 denier polyester outer withstands stable wear. The integrated neck cover features twin touch close straps. Twin breast straps, adjustable cross surcingles, fillet string and tail flap


Fleece Sheet

The wicking properties of fleece make this exercise sheet ideal for cooler weather exercising without the risk of overheating. Lightweight, quick drying, keeps your horse dry and comfortable. Includes girth loops and a fillet string.
Also Available in navy with a red trim.


Reflective Exercise Sheet
Fleece Lined £46.99
Mesh £3
A waterproof continental pattern exercise sheet in bright colours, with a warm fleece lining, making it particularly suited for Autumn and Winter exercising. Easy to fit around the saddle or over the riders legs. Featuring reflective strips, touch close fastening and fillet string
Also available with a light blue trim.


Equidor Waterproof Fleece Lined Sheet

This traditionally shaped breathable exercise sheet is designed to keep your horse warm during exercise. Featuring a fleece lining, filet string and twin reflective strips


Mark Todd Lycra Hood

This Mark Todd Lycra Stretch Hood with Zip is made from durable lycra with an easy to use zip closure and elasticated surcingle fastened with velcro. Ideal for head shy horses where pull on hoods are not appropriate. Great for keeping plaits neat and tidy or just keeping the mane clean
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Shires Satin Anti-Rub Vest

Satin fabric allows the rug to glide over vulnerable areas minimising the risk of hair loss, chafing or sores.The rug breast straps fasten through the bib loop to keep it from slippingn
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Shires Fleece Vest

Rubbing on the shoulders or mane can be caused by wearing rugs all day, everyday. The fleece vest helps to eliminate this problem by providing a barrier between the rug and the horse. Also useful in providing extra warmth. Fits over the head, and is held in place with an adjustable surcingle around the girth. With extra padding at the wither, and satin lined at the breast fasten through the bib loop to keep it from slippingn
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Shires Anti-Rub Stretch Vest

This vest is simple to fit and great for preventing rubbing. Made from stretch fabric the vest goes on over the horses head, and is secured using an elasticated surcingle which fastens round the girth area, creating a second skin to keep the horse comfortable
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Shires Deluxe Fly Veil

This striking fly veil is designed to fit neatly under the bridle to keep flies and bugs at bay when out riding. The smart colours make it ideal for competitions as well as simply riding out or exercising. Breathable, cotton-rich ears and cotton crochet, strap free. For a really smart turnout, coordinate with a matching saddlecloth or numnah
Pony/Cob or Cob/Full

shires fly mask

Fly Mask - No Nose, No Ears

A fine mesh fly mask that keeps out midges and small flies but keeps the ears and poll free, making it particularly good for horses that dislike their ears being touched. Fleece padding along the seams ensures a snug fit and lifts the mask away from the eyes. Secures with adjustable touch close safety straps.
Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full

shires fly mask ears and nose

Fly Mask - Full Face, Ears & Nose

A fine mesh fly veil complete with air stream fabric ears, and nose extension for excellent protection against small flies and midges. The ergonomic shaping and fleece padding along the seams keeps the fly mask away from the eyes and reduces gaps. Adjustable touch close safety straps allow for a snug fit
Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full


Fillet String

This fillet string will take the place of damaged fillet strings at the back of any rug


Chest Expander

Simple to use, adds inches around the breast of a horse, particularly useful for very broad horses


Spare Clips/Buckles
£0.80p - £5.99

We keep a wide selection of spare clips in store.


Equidor 350G Turnout
Neck Neck Design £49.95

1200 Denier. Teflon Coated. Nylon Lining. Large Tail Flap. Adjustable Leg Straps. Shoulder Gussets. Twin Neck Buckle Fastenings
350g Quilted Filling. Waterproof. Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles with Rubber Slots. Twin Breast Buckle Fastenings.


Legacy Fly Mask
Full Face
Half Face £14.99

  • Available as standard, with ear covers or with nose & ear covers for complete fly protection
  • Easy to clean, durable Rip-Stop material¬ 
  • Double elasticated, adjustable touch and close chin strap
  • Eye darts and soft trim for comfort and close fit fly protection¬ 
  • Tested to BS EN 13758-1:2002-Textiles

Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net
£32.00 (pack of 3)

This net relief muzzle netis an essential piece of equipment for anyone who owns a horse which headshakes. This Equilibrium muzzle net has been designed with some of the most common causes of headshaking in mind; these include the horse having an allergy to pollen, or nuisance from midges and other small flying insects. This net relief has an extremely high success rate, improving the occurrence of head shaking in horses in 79% of cases.  The equilibrium net relief nose net is unobtrusive and allowed even under British Dressage and British Eventing rules, allowing your horse to concentrate on what he is being asked to do rather than headshaking. The  net relief nose net  is fully adjustable within the size bracket, and this innovative nose net is attached to the noseband via hook and loop straps, which allows it to be adjusted up, or down thus tailoring the fit to every horse.


Hy Sun Shield and Pollen Filter

This Sun Shield and Pollen Filter is made from an anti-UV material to protect the nose from sun rays. It prevents inhalation of dust and pollen particles and fastens easily with a hook and loop in the middle and strapping on both ends to provide a secure fit.. Comes ion black or white.
Pony, Cob/Full, Extra Full


Fly Fringes

No headcollar required for safer turnout. Elasticated strap holds fly fringe in place. Your horse can enjoy summer grazing. Prevents flies landing on your horses face.  Comfortable to wear. Essential summer horse wear

JHL fly rug

JHL Fly Rug

Jhl rug rug with full neck and cross over surcingles. e



Legacy Fly Rug
Our new Andromeda Fly Combo is constructed from a soft tight weave mesh designed to provide the ultimate protection against flies.¬  To enable freedom of movement our rugs feature shoulder gussets and a Lycra neck gusset.¬  All potential run areas of the rug have a soft satin liner ensuring the most comfortable fit possible.

The belly flap features adjustable straps, offering complete flexibility whilst retaining the important close fit required for more serious fly and midge problems.

Tested to BS EN 13758-1:2002 Textiles for solar protective properties - provides 66% UV block.



Equidor Full Neck Fleece
Large Tail Flap, Twin Breast Buckle Fastenings, Twin Velcro Neck Fastenings, Fillet String, Double Layer Fleece at Breast, Rear Darts for Shape, Anti-Rub Mane Strip, Adjustable Cross Over Surcingles